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This is how it works

Your Own Secure Space in the Cloud
    Where You Update All Your Financial Profiles
          Use The Tools To Unleash Your Personal Creativity
                 And Access Your Own Common Sense.

 Snappshott does NOT take the place of your Financial Adviser: 
In Fact You have to be sponsored by Your Financial Planner to have access to this platform. 

Enriched Insights about Yourself: 
The more you use this tool the more accurate all your financial profiles become, and the more you will be educating yourself about financial possibilities relating to your own financial position, putting you in the driver’s seat


Because with this Digital Transactional Service, you never have to Muddle through the Clutter or start all over again.

Just tweak in the changes and you are ready to -- unlock the answers.

With the click of a button - send your paperless, profile shopping on your behalf --


1) To Your Financial Advisor for an Accurate Analysis.

2) To apply for a New Bond    or      Re-bond your existing property –

3) To call for re-broking your household and motor cover –

4) To keep tabs on your investments –

5) To re draft your Will –

6) Keep copies of all your financial documents in your Secure Online Financial File.

7) The Subscription and the Privacy Policy.

8) Security of Information. 


1) You get a highly accurate analysis because the system lets You input, tweak and track income and expenses as well as assets and liabilities which will enable you to:

Recalibrate your thinking in terms of Income streams

ie what income do you work for and what income do you generate without doing a thing.

Expenses:   What does it cost to fund your current lifestyle? What would it cost your Estate to fund your family's lifestyle if you died or became disabled?     

Instead of the Retirement question –  Or  the death and disability questions for that matter:  

Re-Phrase these questions: "What would it take in income terms for me to be financially independent for as long as I live"  Keep in mind that because of medical advancement we know that our life spans are becoming longer.                                                                                                                                      

2) Click the BOND button on the Assets and Liability screen and (depending on your up to date financial profile)  you will be made an offer for your BOND business – by the SA Banks.

: 1% reduction on a bond of R1,000,000

Equates to R618 Per Month or R7,416 Per Annum.

Invest the monthly R618 back into the bond and it equates to R175,011 over 20 years.

Invest it in a low cost E.T.F. (Exchange Traded Funds) @  9% and your R618 becomes R373,965 over 20 years


3) Once a Year (at least) Issue your instruction to Shop for the best premium - just click the Re-Broke button on the short term screen and your accurate profile is automatically sent shopping on your behalf for the best value premium available.   

This ensures that you are consistently enjoying the best rate for your risk cover.   

Automatic Reminders: 1) Annual Review Date – 2) Vehicle License Renewal Date – 3) Drivers License Renewal Date – 4) Tracker Test Reminder Quarterly.

Automatic History: of all Additions and Deletions, Claims, Change of Insurance Company and all other Correspondence.  

Keep in mind that your Profile will keep changing according to: AGE - AREA - CAR TYPE - REPLACEMENT VALUES - USE - CLAIMS - and with some insurers CAR COLOUR and more.          

It is important that you update your profile with these changes because as your profile changes so does your risk rating, change, with Every insurer.

We have seen premium discrepancies of up to R900 per month - same profile - different Insurance Company.

Insurers have the right to focus on what they consider important!!!! ---- You have the right to Shop Intelligently !!!

EXAMPLE: consistently saving R200 PM = R48000 over 20 years in plain cost saving.

And in a low cost, E.T.F. @ 9% your R200 becomes R121,024 over the same 20 years. 

So now you know how Money Back Schemes work.       

4) Investments: It is to your advantage to visit our library “The Bookshop” to educate yourself about investing, irrespective of whether you consider yourself:

a) comfortable with the Market and do your own investing and annual portfolio re-balancing  – reduce your investment costs by between 1 and 3 %;

b) preferring to deal with your Financial Advisor  --    –   -- You can still reduce your costs --- by between 1 and 3% -   hint: negotiate with your Financial Advisor and pay him/her a fee outside of the investment.

EXAMPLE: Reduce the cost on a R1,000,000 single investment in a Collective Investment product, by 1% = R10,000 per annum - and if left invested over 20 years equates to close to R900,000 extra, in Your pocket.

A cost reduction of 1% on a R1,000 monthly investment over 20 years equates to over R100,000 extra, in Your pocket.


5) Last Will and Testament:
Should you wish to reconsider and update your Will, it's as easy as updating the requisition form and clicking the email button. Your life assurance schedule and your asset and liability register will automatically attach. 

This should be done at least once every two years to protect and allocate assets accurately, according to your wishes. 

The system defaults to Sentinel International Trust, for the drafting of your new Will, however you can change the destination to your Financial Advisor or a Trust company of your choice.

Complex Wills will result in a personal appointment to ensure accuracy of this Very important Document.

You may also want to set up an Ethical Will - see more on this in “The Bookshop”  

6) WebbDocc
Your Financial Documents in the Cloud, one Secure Space - No muddling through the clutter. 

You can upload, download, read, attach, and print your documents from any computer anywhere in the world.

Practical Example: When claiming for a motor accident you would go to your Short Term Profile and complete the claim form online, attach your ID, Drivers licence etc. from these documents. You can even sign the form online (see the WebbImage tab)  Do it all from Any Internet enabled device eg. PC, Smartphone, Tablet etc.  ---  
Hit Email and your done.

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Ethical Will
  • Marriage/Divorce Certificates
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Identity Documents
  • Drivers Licence
  • Latest SARS
  • Deeds of Sale
  • Latest Financial Needs Analysis
  • Compliancy Documents ( FICA )
  • Financial Service Agreements
  • Medical Aid Contract
  • Insurance/Assurance Schedules
  • Vehicle Registration Papers
  • Lease agreements
  • Tracker Certificates
  • invoice slips - for your high worth All Risk items - jewelery - I-pods - laptop etc.

You can rest assured that your family will have full access to all your important documentation if/when the need arises.                                          

7) The Subscription.
In-Formation Snappshott (PTY) LTD has resolved to make this service available to all South Africans through Licensed Financial Planners.
In the evolution of financial services and treating clients fairly we believe that the next step is Client Collaboration and Education as apposed to just Client Relationship Management.
If you have stumbled across this website and like the concept. You don’t have but would like assistance from a Financial Advisor -- Email your contact detail to info@snappshott.co.za and we will call you back with a list of Financial Planners in your area.

Subscription    Once you have logged on for the first time read and accept the privacy policy ( see Privacy Policy ) which will automatically date time and sign your acceptance with your IP Address.  

Privacy Policy

My Privacy: The Financial Advisor I have chosen, has full access to this confidential online file, in order to collaborate and keep me informed.
None of my Information will be shared in any way, with anyone, other than in the normal course of procuring and adjusting policies and investments in accordance with signed proposals and/or written or voice logged instructions.

My Security:
To ensure my account details are safe, this site is secured by Thawte SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certification, an industry standard for encrypting private data over the internet.
My file is backed up every day for my added security.
I acknowledge that I am responsible to ensure that I set and protect my Power Password.
See section 8 in "This is How it Works"


SnappShott is my Personal Online File, a tool with which I am able to gather, adjust and share my financial profiles at my discretion, including personal and health information and I have access to all the functionality from any Internet linked device.
This tool is used inclusively to exchange data with my Financial Planner/s and to keep a history of the evolution of my financial profiles and in addition, automatically remind me of important financial dates.

The Password Vault is Not just for passwords I can also use it for Software Product Keys and service provider contact detail.
The Vault enables me to save and retrieve unlimited passwords and their accompanying information.
I am able to retrieve the information from any internet linked device.
Especially beneficial for the many important passwords - user names - pin numbers - web site addresses etc. that I don’t use regularly.
And the passwords I'm forced to change within a time frame
Only I have access to my Password Vault, protected by my Power Password.

SnappShott Termination  Should I wish to terminate this service I will inform Snappshott and my Broker in writing of my intention, including my instruction for all personal and financial information to be removed from the Snappshott site.

Fees  I understand that my Financial Advisor / Broker, Sponsors me to use the Full Functionality of SnappShott.
I agree to the replacing of the Broker Fee usually included in my household and motor premium with the Snappshott Fee,
which is displayed on the Summary page of my household and Motor Profile.
This will be a separate deduction and the reference on my bank statement will be,  “Snappshott”

8) Security:
To ensure Your account details are safe, this site is secured by Thawte SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certification, an industry standard for encrypting private data over the internet.
User files are backed up every day for added security.
The User is responsible to ensure that their data is protected by a Power Password.

NB! Log on and immediately go to the PROFILE Tab and set up a Super Strength Password.
WHY? Because this is Your Personal Financial Profile. Protect it with a Power Password.

How to Set Up A POWER Password.
Especially Important on Your Personal SnappShott Financial Profiler,
but necessary wherever you require a password.

Its Easier than it sounds.
Description of a Super Strength Password:
a) Must be at least 8 Characters long
b) Must have
1) Upper case characters (AAAAA) and
2) Lower case characters (bbbb) and
3) numbers (1234) and
4)special characters (!&^%$)

1) Random:– Use the names of your close family. (office staff)etc.
Example: Mother (Mary) Father ( Jack) Brother (Mike) Sister (Irene) and you and your lucky number
MAJAmiir&me7 This personalised password is easy to remember and will take 344 thousand years for a PC to crack
2) Favourite Happening:
The day you met the love of your life.(married) bungee jumped (got rid of someone)etc
Example: Name Place date ( Sue Mugg & Bean 21 Apr 2005 )
S@M&B21st42005 This personalised password is easy to remember and will take 2 Billion years for a PC to crack
You should Know that your 13 digit ID number will take a PC 41 minutes to crack.
Stephen spelt backwards would take a PC 2 seconds to crack.

Add an extra layer –
If you have to write your password down, DONT.
Rather write the description of your password down.
Example 1: Using the Random method above could be described as family&luckynumber
Example 2: Using Favourite Happening – described as day I Met Sue or dayIbungeed
Even if a thief gets hold of your info & bank acc no he only has a description of your Password